Artisan Soap

Cold process soaps have unique benefits intrinsic to them. Commercial soaps that you buy from a retail store have the natural by-product of glycerine (you will not find this in our ingredients, as it is a by-product of the saponification process and there for not used to create the soap, but is actually in the bar) removed from the bar. The reason for this is that glycerine is a highly profitable substance which many companies use in lotions and moisturisers.
Our cold process soaps do not have the glycerine removed from the product. We leave it there so that you get all of the natural, beautiful benefits. It is known to cleanse, moisturise and tone skin.
Cold process soaps also have the ability to have other oils added to them to change the quality & type of bar. For that reason we can create any type of bar with many different benefits for each individuals skin type.